A Closer Look at Our Annual Academic Conferences

Annual Conferences

Academic Identity

Since all the events organized and sponsored under our former name of AMSS have highlighted topics from the social sciences and humanities, the organization has become a source of motivation for research through its annual and regional conferences, integrating academic contributions across disciplines. Papers presented by scholars at our conferences in the United States and Canada have promoted Islamic scholarship and civilizational dialogue. It has encouraged the understanding and study of Islam as a religion and a civilization without the polemics and apologetics that dominated the 20th century. The organization since its inception has focused on the study of Islam and Muslim societies from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. With its recognized interdisciplinary professional forum encouraging scholarship on Islamic studies AMSS has invested in the promotion of critical inquiry about Islam in the academy, and with its new identity as NAAIMS, the organization could conceivably fill a vacuum in the landscape of academic organizations.