Our Academic Organization’s 52nd Conference in 2023

52nd Annual Conference 2023

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The 52nd Annual Conference of the
North American Association of Islamic
and Muslim Studies (NAAIMS)

"Creating Islamic Spaces and Places"
Thursday, October 19, 2023

A Virtual Conference on ZOOM platform
all Sessions held in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-05:00)

Cosponsored by:
Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture
Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

Religion and American Culture (1)

Program Chair: Professor Philip Goff
Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture
Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

Abstracts: June 16, 2023
Final Papers: September 30, 2023

NAAIMS is seeking abstracts from professors and advanced Ph.D. candidates in the social sciences and humanities focusing on Islamic studies.

As the world’s second-largest religion, Islam shares many roots with other religions, especially Judaism and Christianity. For centuries it has valued sacred spaces in synagogues and churches. In a way, this mitigated tension and hostility in today’s all-too-often toxic political atmosphere. Yet Muslims continue to be racialized in what is broadly described as the “Western” world. This phenomenon materializes at best when Muslim figures operate in the public sphere or when they try to establish Islamic spaces in the form of sacred places of worship or cultural centers. This conference explores the importance of space and place-making to religious identity among Muslims living in North America.

We invite a diverse range of papers from professors and advanced Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences. Questions the papers might address include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Quest for Muslim Spaces and Places in Travelogue Literature
  • How Migration and Trade Shape Muslim Experiences of Space & Place
  • African Muslims Experience of Slavery in the USA
  • Sharing Prayer Spaces in Synagogue, Churches and other Houses of Worship
  • Creating Prayer Rooms in Airports Inside the USA
  • Being an American Muslim Woman in the Workplace
  • How White Muslim Men Converts are Stereotyped
  • Converts and Questions of Authenticity and/or Shu ubiyya
  • American Muslims in the Public Sphere
  • American Muslim Political Figures and Public Office
  • State Policies and Establishing Islamic Spaces Post 9/11
  • Designing Buildings Influenced by Islamic Architecture Post 9/11

Call for Papers Overview:

Abstract Submission Instructions:

  • Abstracts must include “Title of Presentation," Author’s full name and contact information,
    University Position (Professor or Ph.D. Candidate), and name and address of university.
  • Abstracts from professors and advanced Ph.D. candidates ONLY.
  • If a submission is co-authored, only one author can make the presentation, but co-authors will be listed on the abstract and in the program booklet.
  • Abstracts are reviewed and evaluated by the Conference Program Committee.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in MS Word (between 250-300 words) by June 16, 2023, to Layla Sein at conferences@naaims.org
  • Although NAAIMS is a membership-based organization, NAAIMS membership is not a requirement to submit an abstract proposal.
  • Online Pre-Registration is required by panelists. [ZOOM link will be sent to all participants to facilitate pre-registration process]

Judging Criteria for Abstracts:

All abstracts are evaluated by Conference Program Committee according to following criteria:

  • Methodology: clear outline of theories, models or approaches
  • Relevance of abstract to conference theme
  • Main Argument of Paper: Its Contribution to Subject Matter
  • Recommendations: Broad Implications Based on Research & Overall Findings

Conference Category: Panel Sessions

  • This conference includes four panel sessions centered around annual theme: “Creating Islamic Spaces and Places.”
  • Each session consists of 3 panelists and a discussant who also serves as the Panel Chair.
  • Each panelist has 15 minutes for his/her presentation. At end of the 3 presentations, the discussant has 15 minutes for comments before floor is opened for a Q & A Session. The duration of each panel session is 90 minutes.
  • The fact that there are only 4 panel sessions, panelists may participate in only one panel session.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection will be provided to individuals by June 31, 2023, following the Program Committee’s review of abstract submissions.

Final Papers:

  • Papers are to be submitted to Layla Sein at conferences@naaims.org by September 30, 2023. A working paper with footnotes or endnotes is acceptable. There is no need to include a bibliography.
  • NAAIMS does not publish or make conference papers available to conference attendees or the general public.
  • Final Papers will ONLY be provided to the “panel discussant” of each respective panel session.

Panel Discussants:

Since discussants need adequate time to review and prepare their comments on the presentations, please submit final papers by September 30, 2023, which is at least two weeks before the event.

North American Association of Islamic and Muslim studies.