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NAAIMS Membership is ONLY for Citizens and Legal Residents of USA and Canada, including Ph.D. students - foreign students need to indicate they have Student Visa Status.

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Full Membership: Annual Dues - $75.00

Individuals from North America who hold a terminal degree in their field of study from the social sciences and humanities (e.g., Ph.D, JD, Ed.D, DBA, etc.) and/or those who hold a terminal degree in the natural sciences who are dedicated to the mission of NAAIMS are eligible for Full Membership.
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 Student Membership: Annual Dues - $40.00

Current Ph.D. students in the field of Islamic or Muslim studies, including foreign students enrolled in universities in the US or Canada. ONLY students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program are eligible for Student Membership.  
* Check One:  Current EnrollmentUS  OR Canada

 Institutional Membership: Annual Dues - $250.00

An association, business, company, corporation, organization, partnership or scholarly entity from North America dedicated to the mission, objectives and purposes of NAAIMS may qualify for Institutional Membership. However, such entities shall not have voting privileges. Must be Headquartered in the US or Canada [ONLY]  
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Upon completion of this application. We will review and verify your information. Before you press the "SUBMIT" button below, please be certain all of the information above is correct and accurate. We would like to thank you for your information and we look forward to welcoming you to the NAAIMS community.
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